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Married on 8/10/86
5 children
1 grandchild


DOB: 8/05/? 
6lbs 7oz
Born In California
raised in Massachusetts
(The only native Californian in the family)
You already know me 



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My 11 year old
DOB: 4/26/90
5lbs 12 OZ
181/2" long 
Born at Massachusetts
She Loves to watch tv, play with friends & her dog, Her favorites are NSync, Shaggy,Wicthblade, Buffy,  Xena (Calisto's  her favorite) Has a crush on Gabriel from Witchblade & Spike friom Buffy the vampire slayer.
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My 10 year old
DOB: 6/28/91
5lbs 12 1/2 ozes
18 1/2" long
Born at Massachusetts
Swallowed fluid when born was in the hospital for the 1st 2 weeks of her life
She Loves to talk, watch tv, play with friends. Her favorites are NSync, ATeens, Pokemon, Powerpuff Girls, Xena (Gab's her favorite) & collects beanie babies


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DOB: 6/14/94
7lbs 13 oz
21 1/2" long 
Born in Virginian
(The only Native Virginian in the family)
Alison is our miracle child which we were not planning on having, God chose otherwise, was told she could be born with deformities due to medicine I was on when I got pregnant, she wasn't. Our house was shot at & she was lookingout the window at the time, the bullet missed that window by a few inches, then when she was 35 months old she sat on the window sill & fell 2 stories to the cement steps below, she was all bloody & bruised & no one thought she would make it, she did stop breathing for a few seconds but the paremedics were able to put a tube in her lungs & had a machine do the breathing for her, well 12 hours later we said a prayer over her & the blood she was loosing stopped, her skin color was getting darker & she was breathing on her own, Thanks to God who made sure that only the top Doctors in their fields just happened to be at the Hospital when she came in & thanks to everyone praying for her she came back to us without a scratch or a broken bone, or serious brain problems from the fall.

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Thank you Sharon for making these beautiful dolls for me & my daughters 
& Thanks for the beautiful portrait.

I got the Heart Dolls at