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HI! Welcome to my Spirit page

I created Fun Battles in November 2001 
& opened it on December 4th 2001
right before Christmas Mystyk Raven & I 
teamed up  & now work together

Her 2 teams are 
Mythical Legends & Human Nature

Mine are Noahs Ark & Hobby Lovers

Hobby Lovers is a team for all of those sites 
that are about their favorite actors, actresses, 
tv shows, movies, musians, story tellers, c
ollectables & crafts

Noahs Ark is for those sites that are about 
domestic as well as wild animals, & 
sea le\ife, even mermaids

Human Nature is for those sites about God, 
Christian sites, country living, Heroes, 
& other religions

& Mythical Legends is for those sites 
about dragons, unicorns, fairies, 
Vampires, werewolves, ghost, & such

We would love to have you join us 
please go to
& sign your site up today

We are also looking for Team Leaders, 
assistant Team Leaders, Friendship Fairies, 
Little Angels & Graphic Designers 
If you'd like to help please go to
& fill out the form

If you like my site please vote for 
DRW's World 
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Please visit my other site
DRW's VE Friends & if you like 
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